ServiceNow has announced the upcoming Spring 2010 release!

The ServiceNow Spring 2010 release is scheduled for June 4, 2010. It will be available for install or upgrade the following Monday, June 7. It will contain the following new or improved functionality.

  • New Language Dictionaries for Spell Checking
  • Grant people only the rights they need to do their job
  • Embedding video files in HTML fields
  • Viewing and managing customizations in upgrade history
  • Role Delegation Plugin
  • Service Catalog UI Policy
  • SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Plugin
  • Service Portfolio Management Plugin
  • Field Service Management Plugin
  • Project Management v2 Plugin
  • Cost Management Plugin

As always, the release will include a number of other minor changes and bug fixes.

Full release notes can be found here on the ServiceNow documentation wiki.