ere’s a cool catalog client script that I figured out for a client. It allows you to move one or more selected options from one side of a list collector variable slushbucket to another. Using the script is pretty straight forward. Just supply the name of the list collector variable you are working with, and then make sure you provide an array of option IDs to move from one side to another. The option IDs need to be added to the ‘selectedIDs’ array in the middle chunk of code. The code below is set up to move ALL options in the right column of a slushbucket to the left.

//Name of variable to move options from
var leftBucket = gel(varName + '_select_0');
var rightBucket = gel(varName + '_select_1');
var selectedOptions = rightBucket.options;

//Get an array of all option IDs to move
var selectedIDs = new Array();
var index = 0;
for(var i = 0; i < selectedOptions.length; i++){
   selectedIDs[index] = i;

//Move all returned options from right to left bucket and sort the results
//Switch 'rightBucket' and 'leftBucket' to move from left to right
moveSelectedOptions(selectedIDs, rightBucket, leftBucket, '--None--');
//Sort the resultant options in the left bucket