s a Service-now administrator or consultant, you may run into situations where it is necessary to identify the IP address of a user session before performing some action. These situations are almost always security-related. For example, you may want to restrict the ‘Delete’ operation for Change request tickets to users at a specific location, or you may want to show a particular UI action button to users whose sessions originate from a particular IP address.

I haven’t seen this type of request very often, but it is pretty simple to get this type of information in Service-now. This post shows you how.

To get the IP address of a user session you simply have to use the ‘getClientIP()’ method to pull the IP address from the current user’s session object.

//Return the current user session's IP address in string format

Here’s another example that shows how you could use this in a security ACL script.

//Only allow permission for sessions with '' IP address
var answer = false;
if(gs.getSession().getClientIP().toString() == ''){
   answer = true;

This information is also available via the user transaction log. You can see the full transaction log by navigating to ‘System Logs -> Transactions (All User) or by navigating to ‘User Administration -> Logged in Users’ and opening one of the user session records. This method is sometimes more useful since the transactions are grouped by user session in a related list at the bottom of the transaction record.

User Transaction Log Entry