What Everybody Should Know About ServiceNow Security

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Follow these guidelines to make sure you’re using the right security technique for every situation! Security in ServiceNow is a very important, but often very confusing subject to get the hang of. ACLs, business rules, client scripts, and UI policies can all affect the security in your system to varying levels. Improper use of any of [...]

Identifying the Client or Session IP Address

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As a Service-now administrator or consultant, you may run into situations where it is necessary to identify the IP address of a user session before performing some action. These situations are almost always security-related. For example, you may want to restrict the ‘Delete’ operation for Change request tickets to users at a specific location, or you [...]

Allow Group Managers to Manage Group Members

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I often get the request to set up access for group managers to be able to manage the members of their groups in ServiceNow. This configuration isn’t too difficult to set up but it does involve a few different pieces. It’s also important to consider your group setup in your system before allowing access in this [...]

One Field Shared Between Many Tables

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One common problem I encounter with Service-now deployments has to do with the sharing of a field between many tables extended off of the same parent table. Because the Task table and the Configuration Item table make heavy use of extended tables this is where I see the problem most often. What is the best way to make changes to a shared field for the table that I'm working on, but not impact other tables that may be using the same field?

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