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Deactivating Users From LDAP

By |2018-07-09T15:00:07-05:00September 1st, 2010|Categories: Imports|Tags: , , |

One of the most common LDAP integration requirements is to disable users in ServiceNow when they become disabled in the LDAP source. It is probably worth mentioning that you always want to deactivate user records (and most other records too) in ServiceNow instead of deleting them. Once a user record has been created in ServiceNow it [...]

Extending the CMDB

By |2010-10-21T15:03:57-05:00February 24th, 2010|Categories: CMDB|Tags: , |

O ne of the most basic needs that a customer has when building out their CMDB is extending it to match the types of CIs that they’re currently using in their company.  This is especially true when bringing data in from a 3rd-party CMDB (such as IBM’s CCMDB, HP’s uCMDB, etc) with Service-now.  Some of these [...]

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