Lock/Unlock glide_list and URL Fields With Client Scripts

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I’ve answered several questions in the past about the functionality of lock icons in Service-now. Lock icons appear on glide_list and URL fields. The most-common example is the ‘Watch list’ field on the task table. Service-now provides some system properties to manage the default lock appearance of these field types. There are times when a global [...]

Parse URL Parameters in a Client Script

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Here’s a useful script I’ve used before to grab parameters from a URL in Service-now.com. Simply pass the name of the parameter into the function and it will return the corresponding parameter value. So if you had a Service-now.com URL that looked like this… https://demo.service-now.com/incident.do?sys_id=-1&sysparm_query=active=true&sys_myparm=abcde You could get the value of the ‘sys_myparm’ URL parameter by [...]

Populating Default Values with a URL or Module

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A URL in ServiceNow is more than it seems at first glance. The various components of a URL actually contain quite a bit of information about what the system will do when that URL (or link) is used.  One way that you can leverage the ServiceNow URL structure is by using the ‘sysparm_query’ argument to return [...]

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