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How to Transform Customer Service Management at Warp Speed

By |May 22nd, 2017|Categories: General knowledge, Miscellaneous|Tags: , |

If you’re like most customer-facing enterprises, you probably excel at customer engagement and relationship building, but struggle with delivering solutions that diagnose and permanently fix root causes of customer issues. Questions like, ‘how do I [...]

WEBINAR: Change Management Turnkey: Top 3 Ways to Turn Organizational Change into a Positive Experience

By |August 3rd, 2017|Categories: Change Management|

New to ServiceNow? Struggling with adoption? Join Crossfuze on August 16 at 2pm EST on how the Change Management Turnkey can help turn organizational change into a positive experience! Senior Solutions Consultant, Jerimy Mahoney will walk [...]

The Final ‘Work Note’ – Goodbye From ServiceNow Guru

By |May 5th, 2017|Categories: General knowledge, Miscellaneous|Tags: , , |

When I started ServiceNow Guru back in 2009 I never dreamed that it would find the success that it has. With the ServiceNow wiki still in its infancy and really no place to store common [...]



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Another reason why I have stopped going to the official SN documentation sites and make the GURU my documentation site of choice. You come up with clever solutions that every admin could use. This is really cool!

Ron, ServiceNow Admin

I love your website. Thank you. As someone who’s only been administering SN for just over 4 months, you’re a godsend.

Aaron, ServiceNow Admin

This is really awesome! Thanks Guru!

Travis, Experienced ServiceNow Consultant

Thanks ServiceNow Guru,

Saved me plenty of hours as a novice coder!

Brett, ServiceNow Admin

Thanks for this, it was very helpful. I was looking for workflow scripts in the wiki and couldn’t find any. I’ll bookmark this site!

Alli, ServiceNow Admin

I appreciate your help each time I’ve reached out to ServiceNow Guru. A couple of years back you advised us to adjust our security permissions and that change has helped make our ServiceNow platform secure.

Dhanraj, Experienced ServiceNow Consultant

Thank you for the brilliance of this script! Such a time saver.

Kevin, ServiceNow Administrator

Thanks for this. Exactly what I was looking for. When in doubt, I turn to ServiceNow Guru :-).

Garrett, ServiceNow Consultant

Now that is Awesome. Thank you for all of your contributions and well-documented solutions and suggestions. Great Website.

Steve, ServiceNow Consultant

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