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ServiceNow Guru contains hundreds of quality scripts and solutions that address REAL WORLD ServiceNow challenges. Different from the official ServiceNow documentation sources, everything here comes from ServiceNow admins, developers, and consultants like you! Every solution has been used and proven in an actual production ServiceNow instance.

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Another reason why I have stopped going to the official SN documentation sites and make the GURU my documentation site of choice. You come up with clever solutions that every admin could use. This is really cool!

Ron, ServiceNow Admin

I appreciate your help each time I’ve reached out to ServiceNow Guru. A couple of years back you advised us to adjust our security permissions and that change has helped make our ServiceNow platform secure.

Dhanraj, Experienced ServiceNow Consultant

Thanks for this. Exactly what I was looking for. When in doubt, I turn to ServiceNow Guru :-).

Garrett, ServiceNow Consultant

I love your website. Thank you. As someone who’s only been administering SN for just over 4 months, you’re a godsend.

Aaron, ServiceNow Admin

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Explore our Top ServiceNow Guru Resources.

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