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Jacob is the co-founder of Crossfuze, a ServiceNow implementation product and services company. He is one of the foremost ServiceNow integration experts in the world and designed/wrote many of the plugins found in the ServiceNow product today. Prior to co-founding Crossfuze he worked at ServiceNow during its startup years to write the SSO solutions and 3rd-party integrations.

Sending attachments to a 3rd-party service desk

By |2010-11-29T16:43:25-06:00April 14th, 2010|Categories: Integration, Web Services|Tags: , , |

L ast week I wrote about how to send a file to Service-now via web services and attach it to a target record.  While that is the most common request for attachment handling in regards to an integration, I often hear requests for this to be bidirectional.  Sending attachments from Service-now to a third-party system isn’t [...]

Sending an attachment to ServiceNow via Web Services

By |2013-10-11T05:57:53-05:00March 24th, 2010|Categories: Integration, Web Services|Tags: , , |

Attaching a file to a record within the ServiceNow interface is a trivial task.  However, many customers have found it necessary to send an attachment via web services to Service-now.  This need is usually spawned from an integration with a 3rd-party product.  The SOAP Attachments update set is the perfect solution for this problem. The update [...]

Exporting a Report Directly to FTP

By |2017-02-17T21:37:22-06:00March 16th, 2010|Categories: Integration, Reporting|Tags: , , |

Scheduled Data Extract Interested in the Crossfuze using the ‘Scheduled Data Extract’ solution in your ServiceNow instance? New and improved version includes options to: Export only deltas from a previous export Custom data filters Extract data from very large tables using chunking. Custom delimiters Fully-tested against all ServiceNow releases! And much more! Contact Crossfuze for additional information [...]

Extending the CMDB

By |2010-10-21T15:03:57-05:00February 24th, 2010|Categories: CMDB|Tags: , |

O ne of the most basic needs that a customer has when building out their CMDB is extending it to match the types of CIs that they’re currently using in their company.  This is especially true when bringing data in from a 3rd-party CMDB (such as IBM’s CCMDB, HP’s uCMDB, etc) with Service-now.  Some of these [...]

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