just figured out a cool little reporting feature today that might end up helping somebody. On the reports homepage (‘report_home.do’) in Service-now.com, users have the ability to type filter text to restrict the types of reports that they see. So, if I wanted to see just those reports on the ‘Change request’ table, I could simply type ‘change request’ for my filter text as shown below…

Now for the cool part… This filter text can actually be passed over a URL as a parameter to automatically bring a user to a filtered report homepage view. This might be useful if you wanted to create a UI action on the change request table that brought the user to the change request reports when clicked for example.
The parameter is ‘sysparm_reportquery’ and is used like this in a URL…

To navigate to the report homepage without navigation (filtering on ‘change request’)
https://demo.service-now.com/report_home.do?sysparm_reportquery=change request

To navigate to the report homepage with navigation (filtering on ‘change_request’)
https://demo.service-now.com/nav_to.do?uri=report_home.do?sysparm_reportquery=change request

Filtering on additional report attributes with a hidden background filter

You can also use the regular ‘sysparm_query’ parameter just like you would in a module or filter definition to filter a list of records. This might be useful for filtering on other attributes on the report definition. For example, if I wanted to show a list of just Pie Chart reports in the system WITHOUT having my query appear in the filter box, I could set up my report page URL like this…