ust a quick scripting tip today based on a solution that I helped someone with on the ServiceNow community site. The request I received was to be able to change the form header background color based on changes to values in a record. You’re probably aware that ServiceNow provides a global CSS property to set the form and list header color. This is usually one of the first things that gets customized during a deployment. The global property can be found by navigating to System Properties -> CSS, and changing the ‘Banner and list caption background color’ property.

This request required something more dynamic so that the color could change based on specific table and record values and specific changes to a specific form. In order to accomplish this, I came up with a simple client script that can be used anywhere you need it.

Red Header Background

This same idea can be applied to form buttons as well. Check out this article to find out how!

You can add this script snippet to any client script. Just change the ‘backgroundColor’ variable to the color of your choice!

function onLoad() {
   //Change the color of all form section headers
   var backgroundColor = 'red';
   $$('.navbar').each(function(elmt) {
      elmt.style.backgroundColor = backgroundColor;