t’s very common to send out an email notification at different stages of a task. There are great example notifications out-of-box in the Service-now platform that show you how to set these up. In some cases, you may wish to send more than the standard information in your email. The ‘mail_script’ tag can be used to do some more advanced script processing and then print out the results using the ‘template.print’ command. Here’s a sample script that you could use in an outbound email notification. The sample script is designed to send out information about a particular task. It also includes a ‘mail_script’ function to perform some advanced processing and include links to all of the associated attachments for the task. This script can be pasted directly into the ‘Message’ field on an email notification or email template record.

Short description: ${short_description}
Click here to view: ${URI}
function attachLinks() {
   //Check for any attachments and add attachment links if they exist
   var gr = new GlideRecord('sys_attachment');
      template.print('Attachments: \n');
         while (gr.next()) {
            var attachLink = '<a href="' + gs.getProperty("glide.servlet.uri") + gs.generateURL(gr.getTableName(),gr.sys_id) +  '">' + gr.file_name + '</a>';
            template.print(attachLink +  '\n');
As of the June 2011 release of ServiceNow you now have the ability to actually attach a record’s attachments to an outgoing email simply by checking the ‘Include Attachments’ checkbox on the notification form. You may have to personalize the notification form to add this field.