ServiceNow: “The Next Big Thing”

Great article from the Wall Street Journal yesterday. The WSJ analyzed 5,194 companies to come up with a list of 50 up-and-coming privately-held companies. ServiceNow made the cut (at #45) and also received the #11 valuation ranking.

From the article…

There are some 10,000 privately held, venture-backed companies in the U.S. To pick the 50 of them with the greatest potential, a team from research firm VentureSource, a unit of Wall Street Journal owner News Corp., applied a strict set of standards.
To be eligible for the ranking, companies had to have raised an equity round of financing in the past three years and because the goal was to identify lesser-known contenders they had to be valued at less than $1 billion. That knocked big private companies such as Facebook and Twitter off the list.

The rankings were calculated based on how each company scored in the following components: the track record of success for the venture-capital investors who sit on the company’s board (Board Ranking); the amount of capital raised by the company over the last three years, in comparison to its peers (Total Equity Ranking); the track record of success for the company’s founders and chief executive (Executive Ranking); and the recent growth in the value of the company (Valuation Ranking). As a last component, Dow Jones venture-capital reporters and editors also reviewed and ranked the companies. Overall rank is based on a weighted combination of all five components .

Here are a couple of links to the article and rankings…

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Date Posted:

March 10, 2010

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