Spam!!! How to do things you never knew were possible…

One of the many joys of running a website or blog is trying to deal with the spam that comes with it. My approach for SNCGuru has been to simply read each comment from a new commenter and approve or reject. After a commenter has an approved comment then their comments will be automatically approved.

Even though my site is relatively new, I have somehow got on the list of some spammer in Russia. Most of the spam is written in the Cyrillic alphabet so it’s pretty obvious when it comes. This message is written entirely in the English language (although the message isn’t entirely clear to me) so I had to read it to decide whether to approve it or not. This message is so important and insightful that I’ve decided to turn it into a full post (minus the extra links that were included). If you remember playing with MadLibs books as a kid you should enjoy this. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to “oust the windows xp” or which programs “hustle” with windows me, you’ve reached your destination for learning! Enjoy!!!

How can i carry away windows xp from my laptop and reinstall windows Me -the laptops original software?
I be struck by recently bought a used laptop that is old. The himself I had bought it from had installed windows xp on it, orderly though it instance came with windows Me. I fall short of to oust the windows xp because it runs slows on the laptop because it takes up more honour than the windows Me would. Also I wish to remove windows xp because it is an proscribed copy. So when I tried to hop to it updates on it, windows would not install updates because the windows xp is not genuine.

Answers :

It’s best to scram Windows XP and impartial upgrade your laptop. It’s much better. In addition, Windows XP is way heartier then Windows Me. Windows Me is unused and divers programs that can hustle with XP, can’t path with Me.
all you participate in to do is interject the windows me disk into the cd drive. then reboot your laptop, when the resentful screen with all the info comes up and when it asks u to boot from cd chance any key when it tells you to then install from there !!!

Date Posted:

January 19, 2010

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  1. @kngtfallen January 19, 2010 at 2:15 am

    Haha. Reminds me of The Chronicles of George.

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