Service Portal and DatePicker Field

In the previous article, when creating the form with the fields that will be used when importing the Excel file, I chose to use a library that provides many different configuration options: Bootstrap Datepicker

In the same way we did with the SheetJS library, the first thing we need to do is download the necessary files. On GitHub you will find the link to download the “.js” and “.css” in cdnjs and some online demos.

The library’s documentation is very complete and contains several styling options and methods to use.

After downloading the files, create a dependency on the widget that will use the library:



After creating the dependency, the library will be ready to be used. We just need to start it and configure it according to our needs (in my case I just wanted the MM/YYYY information)


<!-- Field Period -->
<label class="control-label" for="monthYear">Month/Year</label>
<input id="monthYear" name="monthYear" class="form-control" placeholder="MM/YYYY" ng-model="c.model.monthYear.displayValue" readonly>

Link Function


            format: "mm/yyyy",
            startDate: "-22m",				
            endDate: "-1m",
            startView: 1,
            minViewMode: 1,
            maxViewMode: 2,
            autoclose: true,
            toggleActive: true,
            language: "pt-BR"


The above script must be used in the “Link Function” as it is not a good practice to use jQuery in the Client Script.

After initialization and configuration as desired, it will be ready for use:

Date Posted:

July 3, 2024

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