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Mark Stanger

Founder/Creator – ServiceNow Guru

Mark, having worked in IT since 2002, and with ServiceNow since 2007, was one of the first employees of ServiceNow, and the original founder of ServiceNowGuru, CrossFuze, and Exel Solutions.

Mark’s legacy traces back to the genesis of ServiceNow, where he played a pivotal role in its development. As an experienced innovator, Mark has been recognized as a Community MVP for his contributions to the ServiceNow community on multiple occasions.

In addition to his consulting work, Mark has made significant contributions to the ServiceNow ecosystem, including the complete rebuild of the ‘NowLearning’ platform. His efforts have had a profound impact on the learning needs of over a million ServiceNow professionals worldwide and his innovative solutions reside on every ServiceNow system in the world!

Meet The Gurus

ServiceNowGuru is a ServiceNow blog and help site focused primarily on the needs of ServiceNow administrators, developers, and consultants. Its purpose is to help enable YOU to gain more knowledge about how to get the most out of your ServiceNow instance. Keep reading below to find out more about the great people that make ServiceNow Guru possible.

Berny Alvarado

Executive Advisor and Architect

Berny Alvarado is hands-on leader with a great passion in architecture, design, agile methodologies, structured problem solving, training and innovation. He has decades of experience in Engineering and R&D in the fields of ServiceNow, AI, Computer Vision, UX, Edge Computing, IoT and Factory Automation Systems. His technical leadership has allowed him to successfully role model the breadth and depth of different technologies while building and leading global teams.

Berny has been recognized 3 years in a row (between 2016 and 2018) with the distinction of being a ServiceNow Community MVP and served for several years as a ServiceNow authorized trainer for courses such as Scripting, Discovery and Service Mapping.

Berny holds a Scientific Master in Computer Science (MSc) from Tecnológico de Costa Rica and has been a speaker at conferences like ServiceNow Knowledge (Las Vegas and Orlando), IoTSWC (Barcelona), DES Guadalajara (Guadalajara), Shared Services LATAM (Costa Rica)
and itSMF Madrid (Madrid).

Navneet Aman

Developer and GenAI Guru

As an adept professional at ServiceNow Company with over 7 years of experience and expertise in ITSM, ITBM, Portal, CSM, GRC, and Scoped Applications. Navneet’s academic journey includes a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Liverpool University, England, which has significantly enriched his knowledge and skills. Beyond his professional endeavors, he is an enthusiastic author, with several research journals published.

Jacob Andersen

Certified Master Architect

Jacob is the co-founder of Crossfuze, a ServiceNow implementation product and services company. He is one of the foremost ServiceNow integration experts in the world and designed/wrote many of the plugins found in the ServiceNow product today.

Prior to co-founding Crossfuze he worked at ServiceNow during its startup years to write the SSO solutions and 3rd-party integrations.

Robert Fedoruk

Architect, Advisor, Recruiter, and Coach

Robert “The Duke” Fedoruk was born 15 years ago, fully formed from the incredible opportunity realized from his first ServiceNow project.  Since he’s worked tirelessly to deliver value on the platform and give back to its community.  Along the way, he’s been a 10x speaker at Knowledge, a 7x community MVP, and a 4-time Hackathon winner.  Today he is a freelance ServiceNow architect, product advisor, recruiter, and coach.  When not practicing ServiceNow, he is a leatherworker and soap maker.

Jacob Kimball

Developer and Certified Technical Architect

Jake’s route to ServiceNow was a little winding. While in grad school for aeronautical engineering, Jake taught himself HTML and built a simple website. This action had a domino effect resulting in a job offer from Lucent Technologies and Jake started his career in Lucent’s IT department in 1997 as a web developer.

After 13 years serving in various IT roles at Lucent (web developer, full stack development, monitoring/configuration, manager) it was time for a new challenge and his ServiceNow journey started in 2010 as the onsite technical consultant for what was, at the time, ServiceNow’s, largest customer. Through his 14 years at ServiceNow, Jake has helped hundreds of customers realize the potential of the ServiceNow platform to solve their business problems.  Along the way, Jake has picked up four certifications and has become a Certified Technical Architect (CTA).

Currently, Jake is part of the ServiceNow internal training team and helps architect, implement and support the instance that the team uses to support daily operations.

Rahul Pandey

Architect and Lead Software Engineer

Rahul, having worked in IT since 2010, and on ServiceNow platform since 2012, started as ServiceNow Developer, Consultant, Technical Lead and as a ServiceNow Technical Architect working with multiple organizations such as Accenture, Capgemini, Orange Business Services to name a few. Today, he is leading ServiceNow practice as a Lead Software Engineer at John Deere. Rahul has been recognized as Community leader for his contribution to ServiceNow community including building innovative solutions and sharing on ServiceNow share platform.

Thiago Pereira

ServiceNow Technology Leader

With a career spanning over two decades in the IT industry, Thiago began their professional journey in 2000 as a Lotus Notes developer. Over the course of 15 years, he honed their skills in software development, focusing on innovative solutions and user-centric applications. In 2015, Thiago shifted his career trajectory towards Front-End development, showcasing their adaptability and passion for staying at the forefront of technology trends. In 2020, he undertook another significant career transition by joining Accenture Brazil as a Software Engineer. Currently working as Tech Lead specialized in Service Portal, he manage all development stages for portals on the ServiceNow platform, including coding, peer review, debugging, testing, troubleshooting, and documentation. He also excels in crafting applications that enhance user experience and deliver high-performance functionality. Their leadership at Accenture underscores a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the digital landscape.

Santosh Sahoo

ServiceNow Specialist and Architect

Santosh Kumar Sahoo isn’t just your average ServiceNow architect – he’s the wizard behind the scenes at PwC Denmark, where he’s been weaving magic into ServiceNow solutions for the Nordic region. Armed with an engineering degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Santosh has been on a thrilling journey with ServiceNow since 2011, uncovering its secrets and mastering its every spell.

But Santosh’s story isn’t just about codes and commands; it’s about the adventures he shares with his beloved wife and their mischievous son. Together, they’ve embarked on a rollercoaster ride of parenting, discovering the joys and challenges of raising a budding wizard.

When Santosh isn’t conjuring up ServiceNow solutions, you’ll find him diving headfirst into epic gaming quests, battling dragons and saving virtual realms. Supported by his partner-in-crime, who happens to be a skilled ServiceNow architect herself, Santosh finds solace in their shared passions and culinary experiments in the kitchen.

And as the sun sets on another day, Santosh and his family gather around for bedtime stories, where tales of heroic deeds and enchanted lands transport them to worlds far beyond their imagination.

Intrigued by Santosh’s journey? Connect with him to discuss IT, gaming, the trials and triumphs of parenting, or share a laugh about the day their pasta turned into a Picasso painting.

Ashok Sasidharan

Business Process Consultant and Rising Star

Ashok has more than a decade of experience in business process consulting. He has contributed to process consulting assignments related to ITSM, HAM, SAM, and CMDB. He has been involved in ServiceNow consulting, implementation, and operations assignments over the last 8+ years. He has worked on projects related to multiple ServiceNow product areas like ITSM, CMDB, CSDM, HAM, SAM, Foundation Data and AIOps. Apart from various project-related tasks, he has also contributed to a wide variety of initiatives like pre-sales, product demonstrations, training and mentoring, thought leadership content creation, interviews and recruitments, management of the ServiceNow knowledge repository for the practice, etc.

Ashok is currently working as a Business Implementation Manager for Capgemini. He started contributing consistently to the ‘ServiceNow community’ since early 2023. He is currently ranked as the top-ranked contributor of all time in the ‘HAM product forum’ and 2nd ranked contributor of all time in the ‘CMDB product forum’ of the ServiceNow community. He has received the ‘ServiceNow Community Rising Star 2024’ recognition recently.

Chris Schuh

Certified Master Architect

Known as the ServiceNow Magician, Chris has been implementing solutions in the platform since the beginning of 2017. Throughout his journey, he has gone from ServiceNow Administrator to Certified Master Architect.

He can effectively communicate to various audiences, showcase the value of solutions and their long-term costs and benefits of implementation approaches, and provide understandable timelines that contain meaningful value drops.

His focus on becoming a trusted advisor is focused on delivering measurable value-based business outcomes where the client’s needs come first.

By combining his passion and previous experience as a stage magician, he has even created a ServiceNow stage magic show that features the NowValue Framework.

Nicholas Yancer

Certified Master Architect

Nicholas has been in the ServiceNow ecosystem since 2010 when he began using ServiceNow while leading an application support team for a major global Publisher. He has been an implementer since 2015 when he joined a ServiceNow partner and Managed Services provider. His first major effort was a revamp of Problem Management, many features of which would appear in the Madrid version of the application. From there, he developed a data-driven API integration framework that enabled connecting Customer instances to the MSP instance for ITSM, Knowledge, and CMDB within minutes.

Throughout his career, Nicholas has helped dozens of companies of all sizes and in various industries realize the same game-changing impact that ServiceNow had on his own experience. He has helped customers realize value from their ServiceNow investments by helping them move from manual, tedious processes to streamlined, efficient, and easy-to-understand processes. Nicholas remains passionate about leveraging the platform to make work a fulfilling experience and delivering successful outcomes for folks at all levels of the organization.

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