he ServiceNow email client is a great way to allow technicians to send ad-hoc email notifications from within ticket and other forms. One common request I’ve seen for the email client is to allow the creation of html-formatted messages. Of course, it’s possible to manually code the HTML, but it’s much easier with a WYSIWYG editor to help with code generation and formatting.

In this post, I’ll show you a technique that Valor Poland shared with me a year or so ago that changes the email client ‘Message Text’ field to an HTML-based field for this purpose.

HTML Email Client

The solution here is actually very simple…if you know where to look. As an ‘admin’ user, simply navigate to ‘System Logs – Emails’ and open an email log form. Once there, right-click the ‘Body’ field and select ‘Personalize – Dictionary’. Finally, change the field ‘Type’ value to ‘html’ and update the dictionary record.

Email Log HTML Type

The ‘Body’ field on the email log table is actually shared between the email log and email client forms. Now that you’ve updated the field type to html, you should see this change reflected in your email client form as well!