The term ‘Slushbucket’ is used in Service-now to refer to a couple of places in the system…

  • The popup window view that you see when you click the ‘Edit’ button from a related list at the bottom of a form.
  • The interface used to display any ‘List collector’ service catalog variable

A question that comes up pretty often is “Can I customize the slushbucket to display more information about the items shown?”. The answer to this is ‘YES’ but it might not work exactly like you think it should. Currently, you only have control over the field values shown below the slushbucket when you click on any item to highlight it. The actual values shown in the slushbucket are determined by the ‘display’ field on the dictionary entry for the referenced table. Most people would like to display multiple columns worth of data for items within the slushbucket itself, but this is not possible yet.

Slushbucket Normal

Adding additional fields below the slushbucket is a very simple customization though. All you have to do is personalize the ‘sys_ref_list’ list view view for the table being displayed in the slushbucket.

So, if I was displaying a slushbucket with records from the ‘Group’ (‘sys_user_group’) table would need to personalize the ‘sys_ref_list’ list view for that table. There are a couple of ways you could do this, but the way I’ll show here ensures that your updates get captured correctly so they can be migrated to another instance if necessary.

For the ‘Group’ (‘sys_user_group’) table navigate to the following URL in your browser…


This same convention can be used for any table in your system. Simply replace ‘sys_user_group’ with the table you want to personalize. Once you’re there, just right-click the list header and personalize the list.

Slushbucket sys_ref_list

Slushbucket Personalize List View

Any columns you add to the personalized ‘sys_ref_list’ view for a given table will be displayed below any slushbucket for that table.

Slushbucket Personalized