With the introduction of the ‘Database Storage for Images‘ plugin in the Spring 2009 release, administrators have the ability to customize virtually any image in their ServiceNow instance.  Although you’ll rarely have to customize any ServiceNow images other than your header logo, it is nice to have the option if you need it.  The image library in your ServiceNow instance does have other uses (primarily within the context of Service catalog or CMS work) but this discussion will focus specifically on how to override out-of-box images using the image library.

Let’s say that I have a pretty large corporate logo that makes my instance header take up a lot of screen real estate when it is fully expanded.


Because of this, most users like to work with the header fully collapsed like this…


That’s fine, but that little box image in the collapsed header doesn’t really do much for anyone.  I would like to replace that image with a small logo image of my own.  Here’s how to do it.

1-First you need to find the filename and path of the image you want to override.  Right-click the image you want to override and select ‘Properties’ from the context menu.  There are a few different ways to get this information, but this way works in both IE and Firefox.

2-Once you have the filename and path information for your image, navigate to ‘System UI-Images’ and create a new record with a name that is the same as the path you gathered in step 1.  In this case, the name of my image needs to be ‘images/logos/small_logo.gif’.  Then you just need to upload your replacement image.  For this specific image, there is a size restriction.  I need to supply a small header logo that is 20 x 30 px.

3-Refresh your browser and check out your new image!