Single Click Impersonation Return

By |2018-07-09T14:59:58-05:00July 18th, 2011|Categories: System Definition, UI scripts|Tags: , |

I noticed an enhancement request from Matt Beran on Twitter over the weekend. The enhancement request was for an easier way to end a user impersonation session. Currently, you have to click the impersonation icon, wait for the dialog to appear, and select your original account to end an impersonation session. While this might not be [...]

Direct User Impersonation From a User Record

By |2018-07-09T15:00:03-05:00December 10th, 2010|Categories: UI actions, UI macros|Tags: , , |

Every now and then I get a tip from a SNCGuru reader. This post comes courtesy of Garrett Griffin who emailed me yesterday with a cool script that his organization uses to allow admins to easily impersonate users without even having to select their name from the impersonate dialog. For those of you who don’t know [...]

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