Creating a Knowledge Search Homepage Widget

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A couple of weeks ago at Knowledge11 I presented a session on Advanced Incident Management. One of the topics discussed there was to help your users help themselves by finding solutions in a knowledge base. A simple way to make this more of a focus for your end users is to add a ‘Knowledge Search’ widget [...]

Advanced Incident Management

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I had a great time presenting on Advanced Incident Management last week at Knowledge11. During that session I demonstrated a lot of very useful functionality that I’ve used and created to improve the standard incident management setup for technicians working in ServiceNow. Since most of my presentation was a demo, I promised the attendees that I [...]

Incident Priority Lookup

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One of the basic pieces of any ITIL-based incident management setup is a priority matrix. Impact and Urgency drive a Priority calculation that can then be used to prioritize work and drive SLAs (among other things). ServiceNow comes with these prioritization fields and also includes a default calculation for you. While this setup works fine, it’s [...]

Welcome to Knowledge11!

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I’m headed off to San Diego today to attend Knowledge11, the annual ServiceNow user conference! Sessions happen Tuesday-Thursday but there are already hundreds of ServiceNow admins and consultants participating in the pre-conference admin and scripting training. I wish I could be there for the trainings too but I’m looking forward to the sessions this week. [...]

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