Reference qualifiers

Advanced Reference Qualifier Using a Script Include

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Reference qualifiers are a powerful tool that every ServiceNow administrator and consultant should have in their tool belt. They allow you to dynamically filter the available options from a reference field. The ServiceNow wiki has some good documentation on this topic so I won’t re-hash that here. What I do want to address is the topic [...]

Fixing the Fatal Flaw of Before Query Business Rules

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While this customization may still be necessary in certain situations, ServiceNow handles this issue in Aspen builds or later without any customization. I’ve written before on SNCGuru about how ‘before query’ business rules can (and should) be used to secure row-level read access to records in Service-now. While this usually works perfectly, there is one issue [...]

One Field Shared Between Many Tables

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One common problem I encounter with Service-now deployments has to do with the sharing of a field between many tables extended off of the same parent table. Because the Task table and the Configuration Item table make heavy use of extended tables this is where I see the problem most often. What is the best way to make changes to a shared field for the table that I'm working on, but not impact other tables that may be using the same field?

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