Scheduled jobs

Weekdays-only Scheduled Job

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Service-now allows you to run scheduled jobs at various intervals. Out of box, you are given the option to run scheduled jobs like imports on a specific day, day of the week, month, or at some other custom interval. There are certain intervals that just don’t work very easily with the default setup provided. One of [...]

Execute Scheduled Jobs From Script

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Scheduled jobs are an extremely useful way to automate processes in and lift some of the administrative burden of the tool off of the shoulders of your Service-now administrators. It’s very easy to create a scheduled job or a scheduled import. Typically there’s no scripting or advanced configuration involved at all. Just set it up [...]

Group Member Counts Reports

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen the same type of question a few times. The questions center on group membership reporting and usually look something like the following… “How can I generate a report showing which groups in my system have no users?” “How can I generate a report showing which groups have no [...]

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