How to Transform Customer Service Management at Warp Speed

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If you’re like most customer-facing enterprises, you probably excel at customer engagement and relationship building, but struggle with delivering solutions that diagnose and permanently fix root causes of customer issues. Questions like, ‘how do I proactively predict and prevent problems before they arise?’, ‘how do I offer self-service automation that minimizes call volume?’ and ‘how can [...]

The Final ‘Work Note’ – Goodbye From ServiceNow Guru

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When I started ServiceNow Guru back in 2009 I never dreamed that it would find the success that it has. With the ServiceNow wiki still in its infancy and really no place to store common configurations or lessons learned, I simply wanted to create a place to capture the cool stuff that I was building so [...]

ServiceNow Guru is Getting a Facelift!

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Some of you may have noticed a bit of tinkering going on in the background at ServiceNow Guru over the past couple of weeks. First of all, I apologize about that handful of “lorem ipsum” sample content tweets that went out a few days ago :). Thankfully Twitter has a delete button and I also have [...]

Welcome to Knowledge15!

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Greetings from ServiceNow's annual Knowledge conference! For myself, and all of the people at Crossfuze Solutions, we're already in the thick of things assisting with pre-conference training. ServiceNow always puts on a great conference, and we're excited to be a part of it. Crossfuze is a conference sponsor again this year so please stop by to [...]

Announcing Crossfuze Solutions!

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ServiceNow Guru is proud to announce the launch of Crossfuze Solutions, a completely new Professional Services organization dedicated to ServiceNow consulting, implementation, and integration. The founders of Crossfuze, Mark Stanger and Jacob Andersen, are responsible for all of the amazing solutions here on ServiceNow Guru and now that same level of experience and expertise can be [...]

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