Prevent Redundant Approval Requests in ServiceNow

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If you’re like many of the customers I’ve worked with, you may have dealt with the frustration of having excess or redundant approval requests come to you from ServiceNow. This happens very often simply because the same user may be responsible for various different tasks in the system. For example, on a change request, I may [...]

Percentage or Majority-based Workflow Approvals

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One very common service request or change request approval requirement is to ask for a percentage or majority-based approval. This is something that ServiceNow workflow can do, but it requires a bit of scripting. In the following article, I’ll show you how you can set up some simple scripts in your graphical workflow ‘Approval’ activities to [...]

Approval Email Mailto Image Links

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Last day at Knowledge11! What a great conference! I’ve had a great time meeting with so many awesome people this week. Yesterday Ian Broz and I were helping Karen Lazarenko during a 1-on-1 (maybe 2-on-1 in this case) session. She had a cool idea to make approval request emails coming from her system a little bit [...]

Change Management Workflow Approval Scripts in ServiceNow

By |2018-07-09T15:00:06-05:00October 20th, 2010|Categories: Graphical workflow, Scripting|Tags: , , | provides a really cool Graphical Workflow engine to help manage workflows for different tasks. This graphical workflow engine is particularly useful when working with approvals for Change Requests. As a ServiceNow consultant I’ve found that change approvals usually fall into just a few different types but new administrators and consultants sometimes don’t know the best [...]

Defined Related Lists

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Defined Related Lists can be a very simple and useful tool to provide users with information in a related list directly on a form (even if that information is not directly associated with the record being viewed). The Service-now wiki contains documentation on this topic so I won’t cover that here. The point of this article [...]

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