Group Configuration Items for Easier Management in ServiceNow

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Several years ago, I worked on a large ServiceNow implementation of change management. One of the key requirements on that project was to allow for the logical grouping of CIs. The primary reason for this grouping was to facilitate referencing and adding/removing these common CIs when they were all affected. This is fairly common when you’ve [...]

Track Affected CIs in One Place

By |2018-07-09T14:59:59-05:00May 27th, 2011|Categories: CMDB|Tags: , , , , |

It should come as no surprise to you that, if used properly, your CMDB can be an extremely valuable input to your incident/problem/change processes. This is true not only of the actual CIs, but also the ‘Affected CI’ records that you create. ServiceNow gives you a couple of different places to track this information. The first [...]

Expand/Collapse All Separator Modules at Once

By |2018-07-09T15:00:00-05:00May 17th, 2011|Categories: System UI|Tags: , |

A few weeks ago I helped a co-worker with a requirement they had to allow users to easily collapse and expand all of the module separator sections under the ‘Configuration’ application in ServiceNow. The ‘Configuration’ application is loaded with modules for all of the CMDB classes in the system. While this may be useful for admins, [...]

Viewing CI Subscription Notifications

By |2018-07-09T15:01:30-05:00January 26th, 2010|Categories: Reporting|Tags: , |

T he Subscription-based Notification plugin allows Service-now users to manage their subscriptions for any notification in the system. It also allows users to subscribe to particular Configuration Items in your CMDB that they may be interested in. As an administrator or process owner, it may be necessary for you to be able to view or report [...]

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