Identify which ServiceNow Record Producer was used to create a record

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Record producers are a great piece of ServiceNow functionality that allows for the creation of records in any table via the standard Service Catalog interface. This capability has been around for quite a while and odds are that you’re already using it in your system to allow end-users to create new incidents…among other things. Over the [...]

Building a CI Change Calendar Macro – On The Fly

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A co-worker asked me for some help yesterday fulfilling an interesting requirement. He needed to set up a configuration item reference field or catalog variable that would display a calendar macro that, when clicked, would open a popup window containing a change calendar report for that configuration item. I figured this idea might be of use [...]

Adding a Logo to Public Report Pages

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One of the features of the Service-now reporting system is the ability to publish a report so that unauthenticated users can view certain reporting information about your environment. When a report is published, the system gives you a public URL that you can make available to your users. Users viewing a published report will see the [...]

Restrict Report Table Selection by Role

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Update: ServiceNow has introduced new ACL functionality that allows you to do basically the same thing as described in this article. They’re also taking a drastically new direction with reporting starting with the Fuji release, but being introduced in the back-end code in the Eureka release. As such, the solution described here is obsolete and no [...]

Exporting a Report Directly to FTP

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Scheduled Data Extract Interested in the Crossfuze using the ‘Scheduled Data Extract’ solution in your ServiceNow instance? New and improved version includes options to: Export only deltas from a previous export Custom data filters Extract data from very large tables using chunking. Custom delimiters Fully-tested against all ServiceNow releases! And much more! Contact Crossfuze for additional information [...]

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