Find all System References to a Specific Record

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A t Crossfuze, one of the areas we specialize in is helping struggling ServiceNow implementations get back on the right track. One type of issue that we encounter frequently is bad or redundant data that’s being used and needs to be deleted, de-activated, or cleaned up in some way. The best way to handle this issue [...]

Show a Table Schema Map from any Form

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Table schema maps are a very useful tool to aid in visualizing the setup of a table and its relationships to other tables and fields in ServiceNow. This functionality is something that every ServiceNow implementor or admin should be familiar with. Schema maps are documented here in the ServiceNow wiki. While the schema map is useful, [...]

Multiple Reference Display Values Per Table

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When working with reference fields, it is really important to understand how the display value for the reference field works.  The display value for a reference field is what the end user actually sees when they search in a reference field to produce an autocomplete drop down and what they can see when a reference field [...]

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